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Episode 14: Reaching new heights in higher education

February 01, 2021 Dave Moore & Tracy Samora Season 2 Episode 14
Pueblo's Podcast
Episode 14: Reaching new heights in higher education
Show Notes

Dave Moore visits with Director of Alumni & Community Relations at Colorado State University-Pueblo Tracy Samora. Tracy explains what her jobs entails, and how alumni can get reconnected with their alma mater. Tracy discusses CSU-P's Alumni Legacy Admissions Program, the Leading the Pack Podcast, and the Distinguished Young Alumni awards. 

Each year the CSU Pueblo Foundation and Alumni Association announce the Distinguished Young Alumni awards bestowed upon alumni from each college who are under the age of 35. These individuals have enhanced the reputation of the University and their respective colleges through outstanding professional achievement, personal accomplishment, and service to CSU Pueblo and the community. 

For 2020, the awards go to:

  • Garrison M. Ortiz  from the Malik and Seeme Hasan School of Business
  • Kelly McLean from the College of Health, Education and Nursing
  • Shanna M. Farmer from the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
  • Alejandro (Itzam) Marin, MD  from the College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Also Tracy & Dave highlight a few CSU-Pueblo alumni and former student-athletes who are currently playing in the NFL!  

For more information on the Distinguished Young Alumni Award, contact Tracy Samora, alumni director at tracy.samora@csupueblo.edu.

Host: Dave Moore Guests: Tracy Samora Editor: Carly Moore Music: J.B. Skelton