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Episode 39: Boosting the Economy

March 01, 2023 Dave Moore Season 4 Episode 39
Pueblo's Podcast
Episode 39: Boosting the Economy
Show Notes

Dave Moore welcomes back Jeff Shaw with the Pueblo Economic Development Corp

Pueblo’s industrial heritage, skilled workforce and diverse businesses have led a new generation of world-class manufacturers to call Pueblo home.  PEDCO's goal is to make Pueblo a location fostering long-term success.  

Key Industries: PEDCO is currently concentrating on 6 areas of growth:  

  1. Outdoor recreation
  2. Aerospace & Defense
  3. Construction Manufacturing 
  4. Food & Beverage
  5. Hemp 
  6. Rail 

Jeff explains how PEDCO works with businesses  relocating, expanding or looking to start a business from the ground up, contacting companies and site selectors considering the Pueblo, Colorado area.

Pueblo is one of the only communities in Colorado that offers CASH incentives to expand or relocate your business. 

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